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It all starts with a family

A family that was happy/

A well known Holistic doctor for a Father/

A nutritionist for a mother/

Their 6 kids/Father was making to much noise. Trump got elected and started a war on opioids/

Father had a part-time at a pain clinic/

The system seizes the opportunity/

Pops and another community Holistic doctor are indicted/

Pops goes to prison/

Mom is sad/

Money dries up/Family broken/

Although they forgot about the oldest son.

It broke my heart but I vowed to get justice in my own way - the way that would make him proud. I quit my corporate job and decided to heal my people. Nasty Lemonade is my mothers 15 year old secret recipe. One of the tastiest drinks that enhances your immune systems thanks to an herbal blend called Thrive. The brand is my creation. We really turned lemons into lemonade and then we made it Nasty.


Before my Father Leaves
The Next Film

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