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an anonymous health census

Data that unites us all

Doctor analysis
shared every

full moon,

on Zoom

Together we can support each other with anonymous health data. This data will be constantly analyzed by experts and then shared back to the community. When we put a candlelight towards our shadows and share what we see, the principle of healing through unity reveals itself to be possible. We all know that we go through the same thing but once we see it and we begin to feel the electrifying snare of one band that loudly proclaims no more to a lifesyle that is hurting us all.

What is more important to an individuals forward progression, a healthy subconscious or a healthy mind? This question is at the center of focus for a select group of individuals who are looking into the future only a few years far. Each year we are not progressing but regressing. Its time to attack the root and use our collective pain as a bridge to our solution. May we cross over to evergreen progression by answering our tough questions. Its time to answer the questions, with silence and only then introspection and finally a discussion on action with a plan and steps to follow. Maroon Spirit - we are offering the next step, a solution.

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